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Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


Rachel and Jonathon ~ August 24, 2013

A perfect Valentine’s date—Galveston harbor tour, lovely lunch, Moody Gardens stroll—turned into an evening Rachel will never forget, when Jonathan surprised her with a candlelit marriage proposal at his Houston home. Six months later, the pair said their vows before 200 friends and family members at the same church where they’d first met at a singles’ bible-study class. A vintage Rolls-Royce—arranged by the bride’s father as a surprise for the newlyweds—conveyed the couple to their country-club reception, where they dined and danced the night away. “It was truly everything I could ever have dreamed of and more,” Rachel says. “Our wedding day and love story came right out of a fairytale.”

Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography - Rachel and Jonathon
Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography - Rachel and Jonathon
Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography - Rachel and Jonathon
Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography - Rachel and Jonathon
Elegant Pink Wedding by MD Turner Photography

Names: Rachel Cramer & Jonathan Colletti ~ Number of Guests: 200 ~ Wedding Theme: “classic and elegant” ~ What the bride will remember most: “having all of our loved ones with us to celebrate our marriage and love for one another was the best feeling in the world” ~ Wedding Dress: Eve of Milady from Weddings by Debbie ~ Photography & Videography: MD Turner Photography ~ Registry: Macy’s; Bering’s ~ Honeymoon: Bora Bora

Fitness Friday with Perfect Size Nutrition: Healthy Snacks on the Go

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Planning your wedding is pretty much a full-time job. Which is insanely tough when you already have a, you know, full-time job. Which, when it comes right down to it, can make healthy eating, especially healthy snacking, almost impossible. But not quite. Today, Perfect Size Nutrition’s lovely Marla and Sonny are back for another installment of Fitness Friday on the Houston Wedding Blog, with their awesome tips and recipes for healthy snacking on the go, tailor-made for busy brides. Check out their vid, and when you’re running around like a madwoman this weekend, traipsing through venues or trying on ballgowns or debating over 97 different napkin-ring possibilities or fretting over whether to updo or undo (or perhaps ALL of the aforementioned and then some), make sure to keep your body fueled, healthfully, deliciously and PDQ. And don’t forget to pop over to their fab blog for tons more tips on fitness, health, and feeling really freakin’ great all the time.


Busy Bride Series: Part 3

Swag Bag Sweetness!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Bridal Gifts Favors Skincare

We at Weddings in Houston firmly believe that take-home treats shouldn’t be just for wedding guests. That’s why we put so much love—and LOTS of good stuff—into our exclusive I Do! Bridal Soiree swag bags! We want to thank the exceptional brands and vendors who contributed gifts and goodies to the swag bags our brides took home from the fabulous I Do! Bridal Soiree at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston on Sunday, Jan. 26.

Greenleaf Gifts
Not only did Greenleaf’s First Blush and Gardenia Fragrance Votives have us totally swooning with delight over their soft, romantic scents, but their packaging was pretty much perfection. Love the idea of these for visiting guests’ hotel rooms, amenity baskets, and reception powder rooms and dressing rooms. Don’t you? #weddingfavor #guestroomamenity #homefragrance #bridesmaidgift

Infused with jasmine, rose, hyacinth, lily of the valley and other divine floral fragrances, Thymes’ Goldleaf Foaming Bath Powder is our new favorite soak-time ritual. Did we mention it leaves our skin feeling like silk and smelling like Heaven après-bath? #bridesmaidgift #spabasket #bathandbody #fragrance

Kate Somerville
When the amazing Kate Somerville offers to treat you to a skincare treatment, you’d best take her up on it. I Do! Brides: Make sure to schedule your complimentary Kate Somerville DermaQuench Treatment at Neiman Marcus…TODAY! #bridalbeauty #bridesmaidbeauty #skincare #ideserveit

Nothing Bundt Cakes
So. Freakin.’ Delicious. Once you take one bite of a Nothing Bundt Cakes Red Velvet, White-Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate or Lemon cake, drizzled and basically filled with decadent frosting, you’re a fan for life. And they make wedding cakes, too! #bundtcake #weddingcake #desserttable #ideserveit

Tiff’s Treats
Cookies make us happy. So we kinda figured they’d make y’all happy, too. And Tiff’s Treats knows how to make a cookie that’d make anyone happy. ‘Nuff said. ENJOY!
#weddingfavors #cookies #desserttable #coupon

Last but most definitely not least, we’d like to give a big ol’ Weddings in Houston shout out to Save-On Crafts for the gorgeous romance-red Sola Flowers adorning our I Do! Bridal Soiree “Bride” name tags. These natural-tapioca-fiber flowers aren’t just beautiful, they’re versatile, eco-friendly and absolutely awesome for DIY wedding decor, favor packages and other fun stuff. Check ‘em out!

Gorgeous Spring and Summer Colors from Aveda

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Gorgeous Spring and Summer Colors from Aveda
Herbs, blossoms, delicate spices—sounds like the recipe for a delicious spring treat. And it is!!
Aveda’s limited-edition Art of Nature collection, a natural-makeup lineup that starts with delicate spring shades and segues into lush high-summer colors, includes flower-wax-based, crease-resistant eye shadows (awesome for humid conditions), hydrating lip colors and a super-sexy lip gloss with great shine. Our fave of the bunch? The “Cana” Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color—a gorgeous coral-red shade that’s perfect for outdoor fêtes, pre-wedding parties and romantic date nights. Check out Aveda spas, salons and retail locations, or shop online!Gorgeous Spring and Summer Colors from Aveda

Photos: Aveda

Goof-Proof Dramatic Eye Makeup with NO Brushes

Friday, February 15th, 2013


It takes a pretty dang awesome makeup item to make us here at HWB go, “Whoa.” After all, as bridal editors we see a LOT of impressive cosmetics, from airbrush foundation to stay-put lipstick to perfect false lashes. But dramatic eye shadow sans brushes is something we hadn’t encountered…until now. Behold Eye Majic: pre-set, pre-contoured eye shadow sponge strips you simply press against your eyelid, slide across and voila—flawless eye makeup! Or…mostly. If you like liner or shadow along your lower lash line, you’ll need to apply that separately. And for a more diffuse look, you can use your fingertip or a medium shadow brush to blend the stripes of color—an especially important step for the darker Eye Majic shades, which can be rather intense. Other add-ons might include black liner along the waterline for a true smoky look, mascara and/or false lashes. But, we gotta say, Eye Majic has really, um, opened our eyes to the possibility of foolproof, no-brush eye shadow. And with all those pre-wedding parties you are certain to attend, doesn’t easy-peasy evening eye shadow sound like something to celebrate?


Photos: Eye Majic

vbeautè’s Julie Macklowe Shares Secrets for Bridal-Beautiful Skin at Any Age

Friday, December 14th, 2012

If you’ve been noticing quite a number of women walking around Houston with an extra-special glow, skincare superstar Julie Macklowe is probably to thank for it. The founder of vbeautèthe anti-aging skincare weapon in the arsenals of in-the-know women around the world—recently brought her coveted line to Houston with an exclusive launch at Therapy Hair Studio, and the buzz has been HUGE. Which is why we are so very delighted and excited to have Macklowe on HWB today for a special Q&A on how to get radiant bridal skin, and maintain it through years of milestones, anniversaries, free-radicals, and just plain ol’ growing up.

vbeaute beauty products

Houston Wedding Blog: At what age should a woman start thinking in terms of “anti-aging” skincare?

Julie Macklowe: It’s always easier to prevent rather than to correct, so when it comes to anti-aging, the sooner the better.

HWB: How can a bride-to-be prepare her skin to look its best on her wedding day?

JM: Ideally start prepping your skin about six months in advance. You want to give yourself a good amount of time in case your skin requires more invasive procedures like chemical peels and laser treatments. Then, once you get closer to the big day you can opt for a gentle facial. Aside from starting early, it’s also key to find a reputable esthetician that can develop a game plan depending on the condition of your skin, and you’ll want to complement your spa/medical-spa treatments with an effective at-home regimen. I specifically designed my product line to meet the needs of all women—even those like myself with very sensitive skin—so vbeautè’s products are a fantastic way to get and keep your skin looking its best.

HWB: What kind of home skincare regimen would you recommend to a newlywed?

JM: Being a newlywed is an incredible time, but it can also be a stressful one and as most of us know, stress equals acne. It’s important to make sure to wash your face morning and night, exfoliate at least once a week to reduce clogged pores, and keep your skin hydrated with water-based skincare products and alcohol-free toners (even if you have oily skin), so as to prevent flare-ups.

HWB: What skincare treatments should a newlywed consider getting, and how often, to maintain youthful, healthy looking skin?

JM: Like most working moms I’m “go go go,” which is why I designed my vbeautè’s It Kit. It’s a no-fail, easy-to-use skincare kit with all of the skincare essentials we need, housed in a chic, portable kit.

HWB: As she approaches her 10-year wedding anniversary, how might a woman’s skincare regimen change? How about her 20-year anniversary?

JM: I designed my products for every age so whether you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, or beyond these are products that will work for you now and in the years to come.

HWB: What’s your top tip for the bride who wants to keep her skin looking as fresh and glowing as it did on her wedding day?

JM: Drink lots of water!

vbeautè products can be found at Therapy Hair Studio in Houston or at vbeautè online.

Julie Macklowe Photo: Ben Fink Shapiro

2012 Holiday Season Party Dress Up and Makeup

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

’Tis the season, darlings: holiday shindigs, cocktail parties, evenings out with old friends who are back in town, family gatherings, perhaps an engagement party or two…

If you’re looking for special-occasion dress-up ideas, get inspired by our recent guest post on pre-wedding-party style. Also a great fashion/makeup/accessories resource: PrettyShinySparkly—a delish lil’ style blog by recent Houston bride (and medical resident!) Kristina Braly.

Oh—and don’t forget flawless makeup to go with your fabulous outfit. Check out this little party-night makeup tutorial by our favorite beauty-blogging Brit Tanya Burr, demonstrating step by step her OWN birthday-night-out look. A little smoky, a little sparkly and just the right mix of sexy and sweet—perfect for holiday-season nighttime socializing. DO try this at home, ladies!!

HWB Hearts: Bold Bridal Nails

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Here’s the thing: We know that the French manicure—tailored, versatile, classic—is the hands-down favorite for the majority of our beloved Houston brides. But here’s the other thing: With gels, crackle, wraps, gems and hand-painted designs, there are SO many gorgie-gorge mani styles, it seems a shame not to go for something a little extra special on your most special of special days. A bit of metallic shimmer, perhaps? A few well-placed Swarovskis for sparkle? And for our ultra-glam to-be-weds, the ultimate: The high-gloss-black-on-top, vixen-red-underneath, super-swank “Louboutin” mani. Pull up this post on your mobile at your favorite salon, point out your favorite look, and let your manicurist get you STYLED!

Bridal Nails

Credits (top to bottom, left to right): 25.Media via Tumblr ~ Jeea Lee via Tumblr ~ Fun.Fit.Foodie. ~ Pshiiit ~ Geez Leweez via Tumblr ~ All Lacquered Up ~ Integral Chic ~ Madeline Poole Nails via Tumblr ~ Pshiiit ~ Glitter and Nails ~ We Heart It


Guest Post: Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas
Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas

Photos (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right) : Courtesy Grant Photography ~ Courtesy Ashley K Photography ~ Courtesy Grant Photography

Texas brides are SERIOUS about looking spotlight ready on their wedding day. Which is why so many of them flock to Houston’s Makeup Texas for their bridal beauty regimen. Remember last week’s featured bride Meredith—the gorgeous blonde with the white horse? Yup, that understated-glam look was a signature of makeup artist Christen Hobbs and her in-demand hair-and-makeup studio, which is known for amazing airbrush makeup artistry and warm, attentive service. Beautiful, right? We’re huge fans of Christen’s work here at HWB, so naturally we were thrilled when we proposed to her (you know, that she drop in and share her bridal beauty secrets), and she accepted.

Bridal beauty begins with good skin. “The key to a flawless wedding-day complexion lies in your diet, exercise and skincare regimen. This is not a well-kept secret, but somehow we always fail to follow through with these four simple rules:

1. Get plenty of rest. A well-rested bride lacks bags under the eyes and has a radiant glow.
2. Drink plenty of water. Rinse out those bad toxins from your body with good H2O.
3. Cleanse and moisturize your face every morning and night.
4. Exfoliate once a week. This helps remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking fresh.

If your eyes are rolling as you read this, have no fear. For every bride that has seven million things to do the night before her wedding and has to drink Champagne for all those rehearsal toasts instead of water, airbrush is your best friend. Airbrush makeup is applied with a compressor that sprays thousands of tiny makeup pixels onto your skin, to give you a glowing, flawless look without the heavy makeup feel. Unlike traditional makeup it doesn’t sit on top of your skin in a creamy consistency, but appears to come from within.”

Natural doesn’t mean nude. “When your photographer takes your pictures on your wedding day, a good portion of your makeup will disappear with the flash and lighting equipment. A photograph is a two-dimensional art piece and it is our job, as your makeup artist, to create shadows and dimensions with contour, so that you appear as three-dimensional as possible. We always tell our ‘au naturel’ brides to be prepared to wear a little more makeup than usual. Don’t compare your everyday makeup to your wedding-day makeup. You are in the most glamorous dress of your life and your makeup should reflect that beauty. We still want you to feel like yourself, just more glamorous.”

A lush lash is a glamour-girl’s best friend. “For our extra-glamorous ladies, we always recommend false lashes. They are the best invention since the push-up bra! They give your makeup that last touch of drama. For each client, we measure their eye width and match their eye shape with the perfect lash size, for the most comfortable fit and posh look.”

Don’t forget your touch-up kit. “Lip gloss or lipstick is essential to have in your wedding handbag. After a good smooch at the altar, every girl needs a quick retouch on her lips. For our extra-glowing brides, a couple of tissues to blot excess oils from the skin are also a must. There are a lot of blotting pads that are on the market these days for similar purposes, but some can have a negative reaction with your makeup composition. Tissues are always a safer bet, and they’re versatile. They can also be used for catching those happy tears!”

Lastly, Christen reminds brides to preview their bridal makeup in natural light, which makes it much easier to see tiny details, “and harder for shadows to conceal imperfections!” And don’t forget to have your photographer or a friend snap a few pix: “A good makeup artist knows that after a wedding the most important piece of evidence a bride has of her beautiful day are her pictures, so applying makeup that is picture-perfect is the way to go.”

To schedule a Makeup Texas consultation, call Christen at 281.394.2922 or e-mail!

HWB Hearts: Super Natural Bridal Beauty from Rae Cosmetics and Kiehl’s

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Rae Cosmetics ~ Houston Wedding Blog

Photos: Rae Cosmetics

‘Tis the season…for dry, tight, chapped skin. Next thing you know, it’ll be the season for swampy heat and endless sweat.

That’s just life in the big city. Of Houston. And we’re OK with that. What we’re not OK with? Looking anything less than picture-perfect on our big, beautiful wedding day. So let’s skip ahead a few months to the coming humidity—a bane for many a Houston bride. If you’re planning to walk down that aisle, or pose for engagement or bridal pics during our steamy season, you have GOT to get your hands on goods from Rae Cosmetics. We love  this awesome line based in Austin and created by local makeup pro Rochelle Rae, who formulated her heat- and humidity-resistant products for professional athletes—and ended up making makeup that happens to be perfect for Houston brides.

Our favorite bridal beauty products include Rae’s weightless, antioxidant-packed Surface Primer, which creates a smooth, matte canvas for wedding-day makeup, and Rae’s silky, triple-milled, SPF 15 Mineral Powder, which won’t crease or smear from humidity or sweat. Sweet. Also in our bridal beauty toolbox is Rae’s Lush Silk Mascara, with actual silk powder, which binds to water, making it heat- and sweat-resistant, while creating long, lush, smize-tacular lashes. One note: Mineral face makeup tends to have light-reflecting properties, so be sure to check with your makeup artist before having your face done for photos!

Kiehl's Cosmetics ~ Houston Wedding Blog

Photos: Kiehl’s

Of course, we all know that bridal beauty prep starts months in advance of the main event. One of the best products we’ve found for keeping skin soft, supple and dewy looking during winter’s cool, dry months is new Midnight Recovery Concentrate from natural-beauty fave Kiehl’s. More a serum than a moisturizer, this lavender-enriched oil is formulated to repair and regenerate skin while you sleep. And you better believe it does. Smooth on a few drops, and, voila—wake up with fresher, more elastic, more hydrated skin (P.S. contrary to what you may think, it’s excellent for oily skin—many blemish-prone gals report a reduction in breakouts when using it!). And the scent? Soothing and heavenly—perfect for the stressed-out bride-to-be. Pair it with Kiehl’s paraben-free Midnight Recovery Eye treatment as part of your pre-wedding bridal beauty routine, and get ready to glow, for real.